• Ivan Ariyanto, CEO
    With experience in the Indonesian mining industry, decided to start a consulting firm with a group of experts, staff, and a development team who have experience in exploration, licensing, and mining. With special expertise in document legality, mining law, inter-company agreements, and investment planning
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We always focus on providing the best service as a national mining consultant who is always inspiring, brilliant, and highly qualified with a commitment to develop human resources in Indonesia in order to have better competencies in the mining industry, by completing our work on schedule, and always providing solutions that meet the needs expected by the client. We are also committed to maintaining the confidentiality of documents from clients, therefore we always maintain good relations with clients, government, and society.
(01) Legality
(02) Survey
(03) Analysis

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  • Legality Mining Business License Area, Exploration Mining Business License, Production Operation Mining Business License, Mining Services Business License, etc
  • Survey Preliminary Survey, Exploration Survey, Drilling Survey, Resource and Reserve Survey, etc
  • Analysis Exploration Report, Feasibility Study Report, Reclamation Plan Report, Post-mining Plan Report, etc

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As in history, the material in hand remains silent if no questions are asked. The nature of these questions depends on the "school" to which the geologist belongs and on the objectivity of his investigations
Hans Cloos called this way of interrogation "the dialogue with the earth" (R.W. VAN BEMMELEN)

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